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City Scrambler - 1974 Honda CB550K


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Builder Name/Shop Name: Justin Webster / J.Webster Designs

Brief Description/History: A 1974 CB550K dubbed the "City Scrambler". This bike was built with the inspiration of the old factory offered scramblers of the 1970's. Based off of the 4 - Cylinder CB550 motor, it has plenty of power to tackle the needs of keeping up with traffic while being combined with the functionality of handling anything that an urban environment can throw its way. It has been stripped down to it's bare necessities to keep it as light and nimble as possible while also bringing it into the modern age with comforts such as a Bluetooth capable electrical system. Custom details spread throughout the entire build help bring it to the next level and make it stand out from the crowd.

Modifications/Specs: - Hand made 304 stainless steel 4 into 2 high mount header with Cone Engineering mufflers
- Shaved, Smoothed and modified frame
- Shaved, Smoothed Triple trees with hand made "cable keepers" and integrated pedestal mount for the Bates style headlight
- LED Tail lights frenched into the frame
- Hand made and bead rolled seat pan with hand made double hinge
- Custom leather and suede upholstery
- Hand made floating mount for modern digital instrumentation
- Fully rebuilt and modified factory components and systems
- Modern Electrical system with Bluetooth integration, Digital Instrumentation, Lithium Battery, Prototype Lithium compatible solid state Regulator/Rectifier unit
- Beautiful retro inspired custom paint

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