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1960 Fiat Arcturus




Owner: John Olsson

Brief Description/History: "Italian microcar meets Motorama Concept Car" was the philosophy when building this car. What started out as a 1960 econo-box was transformed into a two-seat roadster using parts from dozens of other vehicles as well as countless fabricated parts. All works with the exception of plating and painting the body was done by the owner.

Modifications/Specs: DRIVELINE:
o Fiat 903cc, inline 4 cylinder engine; reverse crankshaft rotation using PRS timing gears.
o All machine work performed by D&A Machine Shop, Canton, GA (Donny & Andy Key) including 7-angle valve job.
o Autobianchi A112 Water Pump with aluminum adapter plate.
o Electric Cooling Fan.
o Alternator from Fiat 850.
o Weber 32 PICT carburetor from Fiat 1200. Intake manifold fabricated from aluminum stock by owner.
o 4 in 1 exhaust header.
o Stainless steel muffler / tailpipe, fabricated by owner.
o Standard Fiat 600 clutch, pressure plate and flywheel.
o Standard Fiat 600 starter.
o Standard Fiat 600 D transmission.
o Standard Fiat 600 drum brakes with parking brake acting on rear drums.
o Standard Fiat 600 front suspension and steering.
o Standard Fiat 600 rear swing arms with Fiat 850 Sport coil springs.
o 13” wheels and caps are from a Fiat 850 Sport.
o Spinners are 1965 Buick Skylark.
o Driveline assembly done by the owner.

o Body reinforced with beams integrated at rockers.
o Stiffening bulkhead added at “B” pillar.
o Top and rear body sheet metal removed.
o Windshield frame chopped 3” and reinforced internally.
o Rain gutters removed at “A” pillar.
o Parts from 1953 Pontiac quarter panels and 1953 Chevrolet truck hood used to create general shape of rear end.
o Taillights are 1955 Dodge bezels with center bullet from 1953 Chevrolet trimmed to fit and fastened from the behind.
o Rear bumper is comprised of parts from 1956 Buick rear bumper, 1972 Fiat 850 Sport rear bumper and 1960 Buick Electra 225 rocker panel moldings.
o Exhaust outlets are stainless steel aftermarket outlets with reflectors from a Renault Dauphine incorporated.
o Rear trim surrounding the “Arcturus” emblem is part of 1956 DeSoto front grille flanked by side trim from 1956 Dodge car.
o The “Arcturus” script was designed using SolidEdge 3D software and cut with CNC laser.
o The rear grille is hand-made from 14 gauge bright annealed stainless steel.
o Doors were originally hinged at the rear “suicide” style. Hinges are from the rear doors of 1957 Plymouth sedan and used to hinge the doors from the “A” pillar.
o The window frames and all window hardware were removed from the doors and doors were cut with a slight taper.
o The front bumpers are comprised of parts from 1956 Buick front bumper and 1951 Mercury accessory grille guard.
o The front grill surround and rolled pan were hand-made and cut into the front apron.
o The front grille is hand-made from 14 gauge bright annealed stainless steel.
o The front compartment lid was not modified except to fill holes for the original trim piece.
o Side trim was made from flat 22 ga. bright annealed stainless steel and unknown stainless trim.

o The folding top frame is from 1972 Fiat 850 Sport, bows have been narrowed 2” and the side frames modified. The front header and rear bow are completely fabricated from scratch.
o The folding top is mounted to articulated stanchions that allow the top to collapse and store out of sight.
o The top fabric was patterned and stitched by the owner.
o Side Curtains are scratch-built by the owner.
o Seat frames are stock Fiat 600 covered in green and white leather.

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